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Student having prior knowledge programming language or having some C programming knowledge

This is Instructor Led Course

Course Highlights

  • Learn programming with most powerful language C-Advance
  • No prior programming knowlege required
  • Curriculum covers basic to advanced topic
  • Curriculum suits both college semester and placement preparation
  • Learn from industry experts having more than 10 years of experiance
  • Learn advanced topics such as pointers and linked list
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Only you should have Laptop/Mobile and Good Internet Speed.

First Two Weeks are completly FREE !!! Enroll now with no charge

Intended Audiance

  • Any one interested in learning programming and coding
  • Perfectly designed for college students for palcement Prepration
  • Customise course can be prepare for more than 10 Student Group.

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  • Introduction
  • Brief history or programming and type of programming languages
  • Basic C program Structure
  • Compilation Process and commands
  • Overview of few Unix commands
  • Few more examples
  • Constant and Variable
  • Data types and storage classes
  • Declaration, Definition and Scope
  • Taking input from user
  • Brief about #define
  • Some Lab Work
  • Printf and Scanf
  • Program Control (1 hour)
  • If Else statement
  • Switch-Case statement
  • For and while loop
  • Ternary operator (?:)
  • Some Lab Work
  • Declaration (Prototype)
  • Definition
  • Function type and Return Value
  • Function calling
  • Scope of variable
  • Pass by value and pass by reference
  • Recursive function
  • Function stack
  • Lab work
  • One, Two and Multi-dimension dimension array
  • Strings and char Array
  • String operations
  • Some Lab Work
  • Many lab work
  • Quiz Time
  • Defining an structure
  • Declaring an structure
  • Using Structure and accessing its members
  • Unions
  • Structure array, structure as function argument, returning structure
  • Structure size and bitfield
  • Introduction
  • Declaration and Usage
  • Pointer type and manipulation
  • Dynamic Array
  • Structure pointer
  • String Pointer
  • Pointer as argument to a function
  • Pointers as return type
  • Array of pointer
  • Double pointer
  • Quiz Time
  • Compiling multiple files
  • Makefile

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